Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet Jack Rangeley Denvir

I’ve never really been interested politics. Political campaigns always left me feeling very frustrated, so I focused my efforts on social advocacy issues I cared about instead. When I was younger, my love of nature led me into environmental activism, where I worked to protect the wilderness and natural resources from exploitation. In high school and coming into college at Pomona, I started to realize that the problems in our country were way more fundamental in scope. Not only does nature go unprotected, many people are exploited too, at home and abroad. Why would I care about politics when there are real issues to figure out?

I’m at FairVote because I now understand that reaching equality on social issues that I care about will require fair representation of all people in Congress. The most fundamental reason why people are treated unfairly in our country is that no one speaks for them in government. If every vote is equal someday, and every vote matters, then we will see a U.S. where our policy makes sense, and benefits everybody. When voting is fair, politicians are accountable and have more incentive to compromise and work together on issues like income inequality, what our country does in the Middle East, and climate change.

I doubt I will go into politics (I’m enjoying my college experience as an English Major), but I think that working at FairVote will allow me to gain a better understanding of the big picture, and how
electoral reform can really lay the foundation for so many other social changes. When I go back to Pomona College in the fall for my sophomore year, I’m sure what I’ve learned about electoral reform will guide me as I try understand all of the puzzle pieces of social inequality.

 Jack Rangeley Denvir is a student at Pomona College and a 2015 Research Intern at FairVote. Do you want to apply for a FairVote internship? Find more information here:

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