Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Michigan's Changes to the Electoral College as Applied on a National Scale

As announced yesterday, Michigan State Rep. Pete Lund announced a plan to change the way that Michigan allocates its Electoral College votes during presidential elections. The plan is distinct from other plans we have analyzed before. FairVote's initial analysis reveals that Michigan's plan, if applied nationwide, would have led to Obama winning a total of 287 electoral votes and Romney winning a total of 251 electoral votes in 2012.

Additional findings include:
  • If applied nationwide, a total of 78 electoral votes could be labeled as swing electoral votes.
  • If applied nationwide, 24 states would remain without any swing electoral votes.
  • Michigan would have awarded 12 electoral votes to Obama and 4 electoral votes to Romney in 2012.
  • Given the partisanship of Michigan, Michigan would have had 4 swing electoral votes in the 2012 elections.

We will release a full spreadsheet of our initial results shortly.

Originally posted November 14, and updated November 18, 2014, using the legislation's explanation of the formula for allocating electoral votes. Our original analysis was based on statewide votes, rather than the statewide vote for the top two candidates.

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