Monday, October 27, 2014

LA Times Editorial welcomes us to the new world of voter suppression

This morning the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board put the responsibility on a number of government officials for facilitating the rise of the new world of voter suppression. They called out the Supreme Court for permitting voter ID laws in Texas and other states, writing:

"Welcome to the new world of voter suppression, the culmination of a sustained effort by mostly Republican state legislators to make it harder for Americans to exercise the most basic right afforded to citizens in a democracy. It's an effort whose effect, if not its intent, has been to reduce the participation at the ballot box by groups that historically have been the victims of discrimination. It has been abetted by a Supreme Court that blithely gutted an important section of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act and by a Congress that has been to slow to undo the damage caused by the court."

The LA Times Editorial Board called on the courts, state legislatures, and Congress to promote our vote, as FairVote says.

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