Friday, October 31, 2014

FairVote's Avre and Richie publish South Dakota commentary on ranked choice voting

Zack Avre, a FairVote democracy fellow from South Dakota, joined me in writing a commentary that ran today in the Argus Leader in  Sioux Falls entitled "South Dakota deserves ranked choice voting. Our  commentary begins;

"With Nov. 4 rapidly approaching, all eyes are on the surprisingly competitive South Dakota Senate race, and for good reason. National party leaders and media have recognized the importance of the open seat in deciding the Senate majority. More importantly, the race will determine who represents the Rushmore State in Washington into the next decade. However, the way South Dakota elects its senators puts voters in a bind, such that they inadvertently might elect an unrepresentative candidate strongly opposed by most voters. That’s why South Dakota should look to ranked-choice voting."

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